Dosterra Chapter Ten

Our trio have to adapt to the fifteenth century–no coffee shops here–and some of Iden’s secrets are bubbling to the surface in Dosterra chapter ten. Now available on JukePop Serials.

Yes, once again, it’s been sometime between chapters. I’ll confess that it’s because I’m working on something else concurrently (more on that in later posts) and I’d rather publish slowly than have the quality to decline because I’m rushing. But the story will continue…I have to get them out of this mess now that they’re in it after all ūüėČ


Dosterra Chapter Eight

Hello everyone,

First off let me share that, more often than not, the hardest part of finishing a piece of writing is actually submitting it. I’m definitely finding this to be the case with publishing chapters on JukePop. I will be perfectly happy with what I have until the moment when I have to hit that final submit button, because I know that, no matter how many times I’ve checked and rechecked it, a few typos are going to slip through, and once I hit that button there’s not a damn thing I can do about it.

That said, I”m happy to announce that Dosterra Chapter Eight is now available on JukePop Serials¬†in all of its not-perfect glory–and I”m learning to be ok with that ūüėČ

If you’re interested in checking it out, remember that you can read for free¬†and you no longer need to sign up for a JukePop account if you don’t want to. You can sign in via facebook and have access to all eight chapters. I’d love to hear what you think, so as always, don’t be afraid to comment here on my blog or directly on JukePop.

Dosterra Review by Sammi Cox

Check out this latest review of Dosterra by Sammi Cox.

Sammi has an¬†eclectic¬†blog that drew me in immediately. It’s fun and colourful, and along with some great book reviews it includes posts on, publishing,¬†Sammi’s own writing, and a very interesting category of creative imaginings that some of you might find worth checking out.

Thank you Sammi for the kind words about Dosterra. For those visiting me for the first time, Dosterra is my dystopian sci fi novel that is being published by chapter on the genre fiction site JukePop Serials.¬†Chapters 1-6 are currently available and chapter 7 will be I published in a week or so. Its free to read. All you need is an email address to sign up–or you can sign in with your facebook account if you prefer–and have access to a plentiful supply of serial fiction from a number of genres including (but not limited to) Mystery, Crime, Fantasy, Sci Fi, even Modern Romance.

Hope you’ll take the time to check it out.

Dosterra Chapter Six Available Now

The next step in my novel writing journey is complete. Dosterra chapter six is now live on JukePop Serials. Interrogation, breaking and entering, and spiders (not necessarily in that order) are all a part of this phase in the Dosterra adventure.

If you haven’t yet, go to the site and register¬†for a free JukePop account. You can get a taste by reading chapter one (of my story or any other) without an account, but I’d certainly love for you to sign up and read on…and +Vote.

Don’t forget, JukePop also offers free reader apps for Apple and Android.¬†

Dosterra Continues!!

Ok folks, head on over to JukePop Serials. If you haven’t read chapters 1-5 of Dosterra, now’s the time. Chapter 6 will be posted by the end of the week with chapter 7 soon to follow.

Lexie, Tem, and Iden are caught up in the mystery of Dosterra, a mining planet with seemingly endless resources that has gained control of the Earth Origin Colonies. With strict rules governing the use of transition technology, time travel and interstellar exploration have all but ground to a halt–but not everyone is happy with the status quo. Where is Dosterra’s power really coming from? ¬†¬†

For those who don’t know, Dosterra is my serial novel, a dystopian time-travel adventure being published by chapter on JukePop Serials.

To all the writers (and readers) out there let me confess, this project is my learning-to-write-a-novel novel. There have been some ups and downs, hence the 2 1/2-month lag between chapters 5 & 6, but I’m learning lots about planning ahead, making an outline, developing my characters, and moving beyond the concise world of a short story.

Hope you’ll take the time to read (and +vote). Feedback is always appreciated; join me on my novel-writing¬†journey.

For a summary of my writing check out my homepage.


Sociopaths with Human Pets

In my never-ending search of science fiction sites to fuel both my reading and writing, I’ve come across 365 tomorrows. This site posts flash science fiction daily (by their definition, flash being 600 words or less). Sci-fi writers take note, they have staff writers but also take submissions.

Today’s story,¬†A. I. of the Beholder¬†by Duncan Shields, is a melancholy account of — as I’m sure you can tell from the title — the consequences of letting A.I. take over. Somewhat¬†channeling Asimov,¬†Shields manages to avoid the clich√© of the angry A.I. rebellion. What about the consequences of no emotion at all? If you have a few minutes to spare, check it out.

And, Happy New Year everyone.

Dosterra Chapter 5 on JukePop Serials

Chapter 5 of Dosterra, my serial sci fi/dystopian novel, is now available on JukePop Serials. I hope you’ll check it out.

As the main source of essential resources, and with control of the technology used for time travel and interstellar transport, Dosterra is the undisputed leader of the Earth Origin Colonies. But where are the resources really coming from, and how did Dosterra gain control of time travel technology in the first place? Lexie is skeptical. When she finds evidence to support her theories, the Dosterran Regulators are soon after her and she is forced to seek help from her friends Tem and Iden. Unfortunately, it appears Iden has secrets of his own.

Create an account with JukePop here¬†(it’s Free). All you need is an email address, and you can gain access to a variety of serial fiction spanning many genres including: mystery, sci fi,¬†fantasy, adventure, western,¬†steam-punk, and more.

Even without an account, you can still¬†peruse¬†the first chapter of each story here¬†to see what you like. Once you’ve signed up you can vote for your favorites (once per chapter) and leave comments for the¬†authors.

Read and enjoy!