Dosterra Chapter Ten

Our trio have to adapt to the fifteenth century–no coffee shops here–and some of Iden’s secrets are bubbling to the surface in Dosterra chapter ten. Now available on JukePop Serials.

Yes, once again, it’s been sometime between chapters. I’ll confess that it’s because I’m working on something else concurrently (more on that in later posts) and I’d rather publish slowly than have the quality to decline because I’m rushing. But the story will continue…I have to get them out of this mess now that they’re in it after all ūüėČ


Buckle Down and Edit – Dosterra Chapter Nine

Editing. The part where I rewrite, second guess, and go crazy because I know that no matter how many times I re-read¬†(and even with my husband’s willingness to be a second set of eyes), some typos will slip through.¬†It’s also just not as much fun as the writing part–I know, this is why people hire editors, but I’m not spending money on that at this juncture.

Actually, one of my worst habits in writing is probably my tendency to edit while I write. Exactly what everyone says not to do. And they’re right. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve lost my train of thought because I went back to fix that grammar mistake that I just couldn’t ignore for fear that I’d miss it later.

I’m working on breaking this habit considering that it doesn’t really reduce the time I have to spend on editing later and it definitely slows the writing process down. It’s a work in progress (or, more accurately, I am a work in progress).

All that said, I do like to finish something then put it away for a while before going back for my final edit-oriented go at it. Sometimes that turns into ‘Out of sight. Out of mind.’ However, I finally edited Dosterra: Chapter Nine,¬†and it’s now available to read on JukePop Serials.



I’ve gotten into a reasonable pattern lately of writing just about every day. Sometimes a little and sometimes a lot. Logically this should mean that I’m getting more done and coming closer to reaching my goals. If I’m writing a thousand or two words is a day, I should be pumping out new Dosterra chapters like crazy.

However, what they say is true. The more you are creative, the more creativity flows. That sounds like a good thing too, right?

Here’s the problem: The new ideas are not always relevant to the project my conscious mind considers to be propriety. Result? More stories started and fewer actually getting done. I mentioned a couple of specific goals in a previous post Oh The Power of Indecision.¬†For the few who are actually keeping track, I have clearly failed in my goal to keep up a regular publishing schedule for Dosterra. There are actually three more chapters completed, but they need some editing before being published, and I’m too busy being distracted by other things.

On the bright side, I did meet the other goal of submitting a story to the latest contest given by On The Premises.¬†Winning may be a long shot, but I plan to take them up on the option to have my entry critiqued for $15, and I’m sure I’ll learn something from that. Now, to keep writing–I’m bound to finish something else eventually.

And there you have my writing-journey thought of the day.

Dosterra Chapter Eight

Hello everyone,

First off let me share that, more often than not, the hardest part of finishing a piece of writing is actually submitting it. I’m definitely finding this to be the case with publishing chapters on JukePop. I will be perfectly happy with what I have until the moment when I have to hit that final submit button, because I know that, no matter how many times I’ve checked and rechecked it, a few typos are going to slip through, and once I hit that button there’s not a damn thing I can do about it.

That said, I”m happy to announce that Dosterra Chapter Eight is now available on JukePop Serials¬†in all of its not-perfect glory–and I”m learning to be ok with that ūüėČ

If you’re interested in checking it out, remember that you can read for free¬†and you no longer need to sign up for a JukePop account if you don’t want to. You can sign in via facebook and have access to all eight chapters. I’d love to hear what you think, so as always, don’t be afraid to comment here on my blog or directly on JukePop.

Feedback in Many Forms

So, those of you who have been following are aware that recently I solicited a few reviews for what has been published, thus far, of my novel, Dosterra. The upside of these reviews is that they have given me a feel for how my writing style comes across to the reader. The downside is that, by their nature, they don’t have much detail and can’t give me much guidance on how to fix the issues that exist. And rightfully so, as this kind of review is usually done after publication when it’s too late anyway.

However, publishing on JukePop Serials¬†has some advantages. One of which is that the publishing rights to my story do not¬†permanently belong to JukePop. ¬†This means, once I finish Dosterra —¬†and the requisite time has passed — I can publish elsewhere. Also, if I so choose, I can go back first and fix/edit as much as I want.

For someone like me, who began this project with less than half a clue, this is awesome. It also means that I should get as much (detailed) feedback as possible, as I go along. Even on the chapters that are already out there for the world to see (and that, for now at least, I can’t change).

On this note, I have previously mentioned my friend from The Write Life, with whom I get together once a week or so for what began as writing days, but became something more like creative days. Today was one of those days, and my friend gave me some detailed notes on the first few chapters of Dosterra, and how they could be improved.

Anyone who has been reading, or saw the reviews, knows that chapters 1-3 need the most work. So, getting this feedback was amazing (as scary as it is for both parties when one friend critiques the work of another). Aspiring writers out there (especially those of you not yet ready/able/willing to pay a professional editor), if you have access to someone who you can trust to be honest about your writing, use them. It can only help.

As for if/when I will begin changing Dosterra, well, I plan on finishing it first, getting more feedback, and hopefully improving with each new chapter.

Another 3/5

Thanks for another review of Dosterra by The Book Nook. It only covers ch 1-3 but I’ll take whatever feedback I can get ūüėČ

I’ll take this opportunity to remind everyone that you can now read on JukePop Serials¬†without creating an account if you sign in with facebook. ¬†Either way it’s free and there’s lots of great reading to explore.

Dosterra Chapter Seven Published

…[Iden] slowly slid his hand into the front pouch of his backpack for his gun. They‚Äôd find him in about six seconds once they decided to look…

Find out what happens next to Iden, Tem, and Lexie in chapter seven of Dosterra, available now on JukePop Serials. Have a read, spread the word, and let me know what you think.

I would also like to draw the attention of serial fiction fans to Serial Scribes Daily, an online paper that brings the latest news in online serial fiction, drawn to my attention when they were kind enough to mention Dosterra on their site.