My Writing

I’m living life and learning to write along the way. Or maybe I’ve got that backwards. Either way, here are some results of my attempts to navigate the writing world:


Hostage: Published in the anthology Time Travel Short Stories by Flame Tree Publishing. Available through Flame Tree’s website, and through Amazon).





A Swirl of ChocolateWatching from the shadows, Charlie saw the earlier version of himself arrive. The slightly-younger Charlie walked hesitantly passed the swing set, the slide, and the jungle gym…This flash-fiction piece is available, free, on 365 tomorrows.

Art by Shannon Legler

Mabel’s Mission Art by Shannon Legler


Mabel’s Mission: This quirky adventure with human experimentation gone wrong is seen through the eyes of Mabel Foster, a Mad Scientist’s assistant. Published, and accessible for free on the Mad Scientist Journal website. Also included in the anthology Mad Scientist Journal: Spring 2013.




Experienced Osteo-transplant Specialist Seeks Work:  Imagine a universe overrun by Mad Scientists. What would the Classifieds section of the newspaper look like? Find out in the MSJ anthology, Mad Scientist Journal: Autumn 2012

The Cavern: Check out this light, Winter Solstice themed flash fiction story available free on Every Day Fiction. Also available as a podcast read by Folly Blaine.


3 comments on “My Writing

  1. Hey there. I like your stuff. Just visited a bit ago. Nominated you for a Liebster.


  2. Sherri says:

    Hello! I love your blog! I have nominated you for The Liebster Blog Award but I now see that you have been awarded this before! Don’t worry, but I did just want to recognise you and wish you many congratulations! The link, should you be interested, is:


  3. rohithchakra says:

    Hi! Greetings!

    I edit “5 Stories”, a magazine completely dedicated to fiction (stories and novellas). We are looking forward to have some brilliant and best short stories from around the world.

    For details, please visit:

    Love to have your submission to 5 Stories.



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