About Me

Almost Me: Image by 14 Wing Greenwood Imaging Section. Poor quality a symptom of taking a picture of a picture with my phone. Not a reflection of the image techs' abilities.

Image by 14 Wing Greenwood Imaging Section.


I’m originally from New Brunswick, but I’ve spent most of my adult life in Ontario. Kingston currently, but this is subject to change at a moment’s notice.

I’m thankful for spell check, and well aware of its limits. I once wrote an entire essay about Canadian history while spelling it Canadien. Oops. No, spell check didn’t notice. Thanks–and bite me–Canadian Multilingual Standard, which my keyboard has been known to switch to all by itself. I’m not really bilingual, but it would seem my spelling is.

My engineering education doesn’t help with my spelling, but I like to think I have some critical thinking skills, and maybe a little work ethic, when I choose to exercise them.

For the record, I rarely if ever say ‘eh’. Though it drives me nuts when it’s used incorrectly, as it almost always is, in media portrayals of Canadiens Canadians.

If you wish to contact me more privately than comments allow, you can email me at: esta.k.29@gmail.com.



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