The Mysteriously Missing Flu Shots and Pickles

Kiddo and I were scheduled to get our flu shots this morning at our family doctor’s office. Our appointment time was 1015…

We arrive at 1005. I tell the receptionist who we are, why we are there, and show our health cards. As expected, she tells us to take a seat. We comply, mostly. I sit, Kiddo tests three or four different seats between excursions to explore the toy corner and interact with the various old ladies in the room.

Our appointment time comes…and goes. At 1040 our names are called. Phew. I corral Kiddo and into the little room we go. The nurse then proceeds to tell me the morning’s shipment of children’s flu shots has not arrived. Do I still want mine? (This while I’m trying to keep Kiddo’s hands off the basket of vials for blood draws.)

When I ask why no one said anything during the half hour I was in the waiting area (in view of the receptionist who I’m sure was fully aware of the missing vaccines) the nurse shrugs (actually shrugs) and says: “We were hoping they would show up.”

I somehow (narrowly) escape the office without screaming or swearing. Though, I’m sure my emotions were no secret. Later, my exceptionally patient husband gets to hear all the things I really wanted to say at the doctor’s office.

Our new appointment time is next Thursday at 6:30pm. Cause nothing makes a two year old’s bedtime routine better than a needle.

Wednesdays are also swimming lesson day for Kiddo. Today’s trip to the pool ended with a stop at the McDonalds drive thru–I will confess, this is typical of swim days. When we got home I discovered that my ‘cheese burger with extra pickles’ had no pickles. Not one. Sigh.


2 comments on “The Mysteriously Missing Flu Shots and Pickles

  1. Dianne Ness says:

    The missing pickles would have put me; Right.Over.The.Edge

    Liked by 1 person

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