Dosterra Continues!!

Ok folks, head on over to JukePop Serials. If you haven’t read chapters 1-5 of Dosterra, now’s the time. Chapter 6 will be posted by the end of the week with chapter 7 soon to follow.

Lexie, Tem, and Iden are caught up in the mystery of Dosterra, a mining planet with seemingly endless resources that has gained control of the Earth Origin Colonies. With strict rules governing the use of transition technology, time travel and interstellar exploration have all but ground to a halt–but not everyone is happy with the status quo. Where is Dosterra’s power really coming from?   

For those who don’t know, Dosterra is my serial novel, a dystopian time-travel adventure being published by chapter on JukePop Serials.

To all the writers (and readers) out there let me confess, this project is my learning-to-write-a-novel novel. There have been some ups and downs, hence the 2 1/2-month lag between chapters 5 & 6, but I’m learning lots about planning ahead, making an outline, developing my characters, and moving beyond the concise world of a short story.

Hope you’ll take the time to read (and +vote). Feedback is always appreciated; join me on my novel-writing journey.

For a summary of my writing check out my homepage.



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