Fearful Symmetries: An Anthology of Horror

I’ve just learned about this Kickstarter project by Ellen Datlow, an accomplished editor of short sci fi, fantasy, and horror. She would like to create an unthemed horror anthology called Fearful Symmetries: An Anthology of Horror — click this link to find further information from Ellen Datlow abut the project. It looks like an interesting idea — certainly something that I would like to read — so I’m doing what I can to help it along.

The anthology, with its flexible theme, will allow for a fantastic variety of stories that you just don’t see in most anthologies. It will include original fiction from both known and unknown authors, and is to be funded via public donations through Kickstarter. Donations will go towards paying authors, editors, graphic artists, etc, as well as production and publicity costs.

A donation can be as little as one dollar, and you don’t have to worry about giving a donation that will be wasted. The beauty of Kickstarter is that donations work by pre-authorizing a credit card payment that is valid for a specified period of time. Your card will only be charged if the project goes ahead. 

There are only a few of days left to donate and make this project happen — deadline Thursday, Jan 10 — so, if you are a fan of the world of short fiction and horror, either as an author or a reader, please take a look at this project and give what you can. As an added bonus, donations above $5 come with the option of a reward, such as a free copy of the e-book version, when the anthology is released.


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