Equality for Clones?

Time for another plug for Mad Scientist Journal, a relatively new e-zine that will appeal to those of you with an appreciation for humorous, cheeky, or slightly absurd science fiction. Part of the fun is the way they create a true Scientific Journal feel. For example, today I read the latest story published on their website:

How I Learned to Love My Clones: An essay by Dr. Cortico Vox as procured by Folly Blaine.

The title block is in the typical format for the site. Dr. Cortico Vox being the mad scientist contributing his work to the ‘Scientific Journal’ (and the narrator of the story), and the actual author being Folly Blaine. Bios for both Vox and Blaine can be found at the end of the article.

How I Learned to Love My Clones touches on that age-old moral debate (age-old in the sci fi world anyway): How should scientists treat their clones? Expecting a story that was a bit too similar to many I’ve heard or read before, I actually found it was a fun little excursion with some originality to offer, and recommend fiction fans (sci fi or not) check it out.

If you find you like Mad Scientist Journal, their quarterly anthologies can be downloaded at Smashwords.

Happy reading 😀



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