Dosterra Chapter 4

Hello all,

The fourth chapter of my serialized sci fi/dystopian novel Dosterra is now available on JukePop SerialsAngry pincers protruded from their bulbous heads, snapping wildly in search of a target…how can you resist that? 😉

It’s the story of a young scientist, Lexie. Her specialty is time travel…or was until she found out something about it that the Dosterran Regulators don’t want the public to know. Lexie winds up on the run with the help of her friend Tem and former colleague Iden. But it looks like Iden might not be on her side… 

If you like it, please take the time to vote. And if you like other stories on JukePop no worries, you can vote for as many stories as you like. One vote allowed per chapter. Comments and suggestions are also encouraged, but if you just want to read and enjoy that’s ok too. You will have to register with JukePop to read past chapter one of any story, but don’t worry it’s free and they won’t spam you.


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