Speculative Anthropology?

I just read that there is an anthropological theory stating that people invented civilization for better access to beer. Well, there you have it! The world suddenly makes sense, it all boils down to alcohol.

Sounds dubious? I’ll insert a caveat here: The book I read this in is about breathing and meditation, not anthropology, and though the author does have a Ph.D. in Social Science, he does not cite his source for this particular bit of information. But hey, you never know…

For the sake of interest, the theory goes something like this: Humans have strong socializing instincts; beer is useful in this regard (we know this to be true). To get beer, we need pots to brew it in–voila pottery is born. And of course we need the hops to brew–a stable farming community becomes everyone’s top priority.

Do you feel smarter yet? I feel I should have been an anthropologist.


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