The Vesuvius Club

OK, so I never intended to make this site a commentary on my likes and dislikes. However, the book I am reading now deserves a mention.

I was sitting in Chapters, procrastinating on one of my own writing projects when The Vesuvius Club caught my eye on a shelf labeled “Quirky Mysteries”. I was reeled in further by the the author, Mark Gatiss, an occasional writer for Doctor Who and a primary writer/creator of BBC’s Sherlock (two of my favorites shows). Sherlock fans you will also know Mark Gatiss as the oh-so-endearing Mycroft Holmes.

So, attention sufficiently grabbed, I picked it up. It’s not a new release, first published in 2004. The back cover promised “Equal parts James Bond and Sherlock Holmes, with a twist of Monty Python and a dash of Austin Powers”. Well that was a must read, and for those of you with a slightly dark and twisted sense of humour, it does not disappoint. By the end of chapter three there has been a glass eye removed with a spoon–to be used as a colour match for a new tie of course–and naked men wrestling in a steam room–those towels aren’t very secure…

If you’re looking for something lighthearted and a little off kilter, I definitely recommend The Vesuvius Club.


2 comments on “The Vesuvius Club

  1. idiotprufs says:

    Will keep this in mind. I do enjoy Sherlock.


    • estak says:

      Thanks for reading, and yes if you’re a Sherlock fan it’s probably up your ally …I checked out your site, your thoughts on thanksgiving gave me a good chuckle and it sounds like you have the same response as me -avoid avoid avoid 🙂


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