Trouble voting or commenting on JukePop Serials?

Thanks everyone who’s been reading Dosterra.

I’ve had some feedback that sometimes people have trouble voting/commenting and it turns out I’m not the only one (JukePop is still in its beta launch phase so there are some glitches) You have to enable cookies. I’ve attached JukePop’s response below, so if you haven’t yet please take a minute to register and vote for my story!

You can also ‘bookshelf’ my story (or others’ of course) so you’ll get an email update when I post the next chapter, and they’ve added share buttons so feel free to forward to your other facebook friends 🙂
Warning – registration confirmation emails tend to end up in spam folders at the moment so if you’re trying to register with the site don’t forget to check there.
Response from JukePop Serials
Q: Why can’t I vote/bookshelf even though I’m logged in?
A: Most likely your browser has disabled “cookies”, the most likely culprit is IE. Other popular browsers like Firefox and Chrome turn “cookies” on by default. Here’s a link from Microsoft that’ll show you how to enable cookies. (

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