Check out JukePop Serials

Hello everyone!

I’m inviting you to check out the first installment of Dosterra a story I am writing for JukePop Serials The site is new (beta launch phase) and provides serialized genre fiction. You can vote for stories you like and even comment on how you’d like the author to continue the story.

The link I provided takes you to my story – Dosterra – which happens to be sci fi (yes, I’m a geek), but if you go to the main page there are lots of stories available of different genres. If you would like to vote or comment (like for my story for instance – just sayin’…) go to ‘register’ in the upper right corner. It will ask you for an email address and password – don’t worry it’s FREE – and you will receive a confirmation email, then you can log in to vote, comment, and bookshelf stories you’d like to follow.

Warning, the confirmation emails tend to end up in spam folders so if you don’t receive it right away check there. You don’t have to register to read, just to vote or comment:)


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